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A lot of people have left social media and I’m one of them. In my opinion social media is doing more harm than good. I’ve been social media free for about 3 years and it was the best decision for my mental health and productivity. I kept Youtube for watching videos, but that’s it.

It has been quite a while since I’ve had a blog and now that I’m not on social media anymore I realize that I miss it. This will be my little corner on the internet where I journal my journey through life without oversharing, without likes, without followers and without fake friends. There will be no stalking and no nonsense here!

At this point in my life I find myself going back to coding. And this is where I will chart my progress, writing down what I’ve learned and how I’ve learned it because it might be helpful to someone else. This is also where I will post holiday greetings and spread sunshine.

More sunshine, more flowers, more power! You’re welcome to stay a while and vibe with me.