One of the bittersweet things in life is that you’re constantly meeting people who will only stay in your life short term.

You won’t realize what an impact they will have on you. But 10 years down the road, you will remember them and smile because they’ve taught you a lesson.

I used to work at a bank. My team consisted of 5 people. All with their own unique characters. They were all really amazing in their own right. The oldest member of the team was labeled as lazy. But looking back, I don’t think he was lazy at all. He was just very wise.

The bank system would crash every other week, and this caused a lot of chaos. This meant dealing with angry customers, unbalanced registers, and longer hours at work to manually fix everything that should have been done automatically.

We would all freak out! But this gentleman wasn’t one bit bothered. His level of calm during the storm made him seem lazy. But he always got his work done regardless. I remember someone confronting him about his nonchalance, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “The building didn’t burn down.” 😎

Now, when things get chaotic in my life I just remember – The building didn’t burn down.