Covid Frustration in Germany


I’m vaccinated for Covid with Biontech. They tell me that I need a booster. Okay, I’m willing to get a booster shot with Biontech because that’s what I was vaccinated with. But now they’re telling me that I can’t have Biontech because I’m over 30; they don’t have enough and Moderna is just as good.

No, I don’t want Moderna. And if Moderna was just as good as Biontech they would have no problem at all giving it to people under 30 years old.

I would even offer to pay for the Biontech booster, but I don’t think that’s an option.

So, I guess I’m taking my chances with Omicron. I refuse to get vaccinated with an inferior vaccine just because there isn’t enough of the good stuff.

This whole situation just feels wrong.

Update: 31-12-2021

Today I was vaccinated with Biontech! Apparently, the rule is not set in stone. I went to the vaccination center and the Doctor just asked people what they wanted. Easy peasy, no fuss. So, if you’re over 30 and they refuse to give you Biontech I would recommend that you just go somewhere else.