Don't Waste Your Time


I woke up this morning and it’s snowing! What happened to Spring? It looks like a winter wonderland outside.

Anywho, my tip of the day is: Don’t waste a minute of your existence trying to make someone like you.

First of all, this lesson is easier said than done. But when someone’s heart is set to cold, it’s best to just leave it alone! If your boss doesn’t like you then you have to stay out of his way. Do your job well and let your work speak for itself. The same thing applies to a teacher, object of affection, hero, or the cool kid who you admire so much.

I know it hurts. And if I’m being honest, I still make this mistake. It’s a really difficult lesson because you think maybe if you stay later at work, or do extra credit, or give this girl flowers… No! It never works. They will still find some reason not to like you. Save yourself some pain.

Find people who appreciate you for you! And feel no animosity towards those who don’t like you. That takes too much energy. Give your energy, instead, to people who know your value.