Dumb is Expensive


I took the B1 German test at the Goethe Institut a few months ago. I paid 250 € for the 4 parts (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) of the test.

Unfortunately, I failed the Speaking test. I wasn’t sure about retaking the test, so I thought about it and asked other people what they would do. Everyone said that they would definitely retake the test.

The convincing argument was, “The worst they can do is fail you again, and you can afford to retake it as often as needed.” So, I’m planning on halfheartedly retaking the test sometime in the near future.

The price for retaking one section of the test is 99 €. As I mentioned earlier, I paid 250 € for all 4 tests. That comes to 62,50 € per test. Which means I will be paying 36,50 € more than I paid the first time.

Being dumb is indeed expensive! 💀 💶

Oh my gosh, I wonder how many times I’ll have to do this 💩? 😳