I think a lot of people would describe me as exotic. People have trouble placing me on the map. And when I look in the mirror I can understand why. I’m multi-cultural and that can be confusing.

Because I’m “exotic” people make all kinds of assumptions about me. And I think the number one assumption is that I’m hyper-sexual. Hmm… what do I say about that?

The truth is, I’m no more sexual than any other woman. I value friendship and kindheartedness the most. I’m attracted to a brilliant mind. I like to learn about people. I like risk takers and people who travel the road not taken. I admire those who are softspoken but fiercely bold. And if you're none of these things, or just one of these things, you will NOT get an invitation to my bed!

I laugh at any man, brilliant or otherwise, who assumes that he can have sex with me because I’m exotic. Or because I said, “hello.”