Gift giving


Gift Giving

I love giving gifts! And the gift giving season is indeed upon us. If I give you a gift it’s because I love you, or I want to say thank you, or both. You will know why. 😉

But as much as I love giving gifts, I’m also very cautious about doing so. The whole gift giving process can get a little political. For example, what is an expensive gift? What is a cheap gift? I think you know where I’m going with this post. What’s expensive for one person, may not be expensive for the other. And you might not share my opinion about what’s cheap. As a rule, if you are not close friends, a gift should fall in between expensive and cheap. But that can be a little tricky.

For example, good perfume is always expensive. But I could never give an adult cheap perfume. I’d rather not give anything at all. The same concept goes for jewelry. I mean, why would I give someone that I like something that will turn their hand green? I won’t! So, what do I do? If I’m not allowed to give a person an expensive gift, then I stay away from perfume and jewelry.

Giving someone a ridiculously cheap gift is always a big NO for me. But there are many times when giving expensive gifts is inappropriate. For example, giving an expensive gift to your child’s teacher… BIG NO for obvious reasons. Also, giving expensive gifts to those who might feel obligated to give you a gift in return is a no.

With all this said, here is a list of gifts that I like to give:

  • Notebooks or journals
  • Scarfs and gloves
  • Chocolates
  • A nice pen
  • Unisex beaded bracelets
  • Homemade jar of cookies
  • Gift baskets: Food or Cosmetics
  • Bath bombs or salts
  • A nice silver brooch (for women)
  • Silver cufflinks or tie pins (for men)
  • Blankets
  • Fancy coffees and Teas
  • Coffee or tea mugs

Gifts that I love getting:

  • Hugs and Kisses 🥰
  • Compliments (Yes, please flatter me) 😅
  • Chocolates
  • Socks (Because I always have holes in mine)
  • Home-baked goods
  • Keepsakes (like Christmas ornaments)
  • Gift baskets
  • Plants and flowers