I'm Stupid


After being sick to the point where I was almost bedridden for the last two years, possibly from long-covid, I wanted to finally enjoy making a full recovery in 2024.

Studying for German tests isn’t how I planned to spend my first year feeling healthy again. This was all Bear’s idea. He signed me up for the damn tests. I paid for them. Oh my gosh, I’m so dumb!

So, for the first 4 months in 2024 I had to spend a lot of time studying German, which I don’t enjoy, so I could pass a series of tests that I really don’t need. And I managed to pass all but one.

Now I feel obligated to retake the test that I failed because I generally finish what I start. Meaning there’s more tests in my near future and more worry, and more looming, and more German grammar. And all for what? I don't know.

Please help me. I really don’t want to do this anymore. 😔