A new day! The sun is shining and I’m feeling a lot better. Today is Saturday and I’ll spend a good amount of time reading “Think Java, how to think like a Computer Scientist” by Allen B. Downey & Chris Mayfield. I’m already on chapter 6 and I’ve done the exercises to this point. I was really disappointed that there are no answers to the questions in the back of the book, but it really forces me to be resourceful and that’s an important part of learning Java as well. I do recommend this book. It’s written so a child can understand it. And the exercises are actually quite fun and challenging. It will take me a few weeks to work through the rest of the book and I’m really looking forward to it.

Today, I will also stop by Amigoscode on YouTube and listen to his tutorials. Check him out if you’re interested in coding. His channel has a lot of good content.