The Languages I speak and Why


I tell people that I’m a native English speaker and that’s true, but the earliest years of my life I spoke Jamaican Patios. And I still speak Patois when I’m around my extended family.

I speak German because it’s the language of my nuclear family.

I learned Portuguese because my favorite vacation spot is the Algarve in Portugal. There’s something about Portugal that just feels like home. So, I adopted the language.

Romanian is new. It’s the native language of the talented surgeon who, literally, saved my face. He’s my hero! It’s quite overwhelming knowing that I’ll never be able to pay him back, so I’m learning his language. And just like the other 3 languages, I’ll call it my own and hold it close to my heart. ❤️

I will never consider myself smart because I’m multilingual. Anyone can learn a language! And in Europe it is expected that everyone speaks at least one foreign language.