My Name


Let’s talk about my name. My name is difficult because it’s very unusual. But there are a few other Jenue’s out there.

The way that I pronounce my name is JEN-you. And yes, it is my real name. It’s on my birth certificate!

Growing up my family called me by my yard name. That’s a Jamaican thing. It’s a nickname that your family gives you, that may or may not be related to your real name. My yard name is not related to my first name at all! So, I didn’t know my real name until 8th grade when my Pastor needed it for confirmation.

I was surprised! I had absolutely no idea that Jenue was my name and I didn’t start using it until High School. My extended family still doesn’t call me Jenue. I weed people out based on what they call me.

If someone calls me on the telephone and asks for Jenue and pronounces it correctly, I know it’s a friend. If they ask for **** I know it’s a close relative. If they ask for Frau Brosinski, I know it’s either work, school, or medically related.

My nuclear family doesn’t use my name at all. They usually just start speaking when I answer the phone. Or, they call me a term of endearment. 💕🧸

This is just a side note, but my mom spelled my name wrong. It was supposed to be Jenu, without the silent e. Jenu is from the Kannada language and it means honey. It is pronounced Jay-nu.