Old CD's


Many years ago, while I was a student, I found myself in a coffee shop having a bagel and a cup of fancy tea. I probably had an upcoming exam and needed a place to quickly review my notes before taking the test.

The Bleu Bayou was my favorite coffee shop at the time. The atmosphere was always cozy and the service very friendly. That particular day they were playing a rather catchy album, so much so that I asked about the music.

At the end of my day, I went online found the album and ordered it! It became my favorite album. I still have the album and I would still listen to it today, but I no longer own a CD player. My laptop doesn’t have a CD drive. I don’t even think they make computers with CD drives anymore. Do they? 🤔

I checked to see if Spotify has the album and they do not. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you play your old CD's?

I found all the individual songs on YouTube and created a playlist. Click on the album cover to listen to the songs!