Pressing on


Pressing On

I find myself in the uncomfortable situation of having no plans for the future. I had a plan, at least I thought I had a plan. And then someone told me that even if I reach my goal, I would still have to do X-Y-Z to move forward.

The discouragement was devastating. I stopped and did nothing at all. The only thing that I accomplished this year was getting my bad wisdom tooth removed. It was a horrible experience. I somehow ended up in the heart station of the hospital because I had trouble waking up.

Sometimes I wish that I hadn’t. Then at least I wouldn’t have to figure out what to do with my life. ~ Deep Breath ~ I have no choice but to press on. Without encouragement. Without support. Hoping that somehow, I’ll be okay.

And you know, I think I will be. I don’t break so easily. It’s time to move forward. If no one believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. And on my journey, I will be a source of encouragement and sunshine for others. 🌞🌻