Racism in Medicine


An acquaintance recently experienced racism from her doctor and it left her distraught. I can’t tell her story because it’s not mine to tell, but I feel compelled to address the topic.

Racism coming from random people is unfortunate. I usually just let it slide off my back. But it hits differently when it’s coming from your doctor. It's astonishingly hurtful because you are literally at their mercy.

And it’s not always easy to find a new doctor. I remember how difficult it was to find a general practitioner when I moved to a new neighborhood. I was turned away several times with the excuse, “Dr. XYZ is no longer accepting new patients.” Luckily, there was a nice Malaysian doctor within walking distance from my apartment who was still accepting patients.

I don’t understand racist doctors. Why did you become a doctor if you don’t like people? 🙄