Reading Glasses


I’ve been wearing bifocals for almost a year and I find it very uncomfortable to read from the little window at the bottom. So, I decided to get a pair of reading glasses.

Since I have a prescription for bifocals, I didn’t think it would be a problem at the eyeglass shop. But the lady in the store told me that I would need to test my eyes again. And since the room was occupied, I would have to make an appointment and come back. I was super annoyed!

I said no to the appointment and politely walked out of the store. When I came home, I googled how to convert a bifocal prescription for reading glasses. I don’t know why the lady told me that it wasn’t possible, because it’s really quite simple.

I found an online store that sells glasses. They had a tool where you can virtually try on glasses, AND a prescription converter! I was finally able to buy glasses, no fuss, no unnecessary eye test, and no appointment.

It really turned my annoying day into a win. And I must have been really annoyed because I’m blogging about it. 😅