Real Luxury


We all need financial security and enough money for the basics and a little bit more. But, my definition of luxury includes things that can’t be bought with money. In my opinion if you can buy it with money, it’s not real luxury. Again, I’m not saying that financial security isn’t important.

I'm saying that you don’t have to envy your neighbour’s electric Porsche. If you look at the Porsche in terms practicality and need, you might notice that you don’t even want or need an electric Porsche at all. And if take it a step further and imagine yourself owning it, you might feel just a little bit ridiculous. Because it’s just an expensive status symbol!

Now count all the things that you actually have that are, in my opinion, real luxury: Family, friends, healthy children, love, peace, safety, a sense of accomplishment, a healthy mind and body, happiness, a purpose, knowing that you’re not alone, and a fulfilling occupation.

If you have two or more of the luxuries on my list, then you are indeed very rich! Don’t waste your time chasing an overabundance of money just to buy unimportant things. Spend your precious time creating happy memories instead.