Secret Santa


Secret Santa is supposed to be a fun group activity during the Christmas holidays. You pick a random person and give them a gift. In return, a random person gives you a gift.

The group sets a spending limit. For example, gifts should be no more than 20 dollars. Some people follow this limit, but some people don’t. Some people are comfortable over the spending budget, while others go considerably under. And this is where things get off balance and awkward.

Some lucky people get great gifts from their Secret Santa. Others get crapola. One year my Secret Santa gave me a small box of paper clips. 😭 I know someone who got underwear. 🙄 You know, even if you don’t have much money you still can gift a thoughtful present. You could, for example, bake cookies, or share your favorite recipe, or make a gift certificate where you provide a service like babysitting, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.

I can’t say that I always give gifts that people like, but I always make the effort. And I think that effort is what counts the most. It’s better to give from your heart, or just don’t give at all.