The Cats


Yesterday Flamingo, Bear, and I went to visit Mr. and Mrs. Cat, where we met Swan who was also visiting. We had a lovely time catching up and telling each other random stories about ourselves. Aside from the usual, “Oh my, you’ve lost weight,” which somehow led to talk of the weather and the early arrival of Spring, we shared insightful anecdotes about our separate lives.

Swan, who is a doctor doing cancer research, explained some of the non-classified duties of the profession. I’m always impressed with Swan’s humble and welcoming nature. A lot of doctors, who are doing less significant work, choose to be arrogant and condescending. I’m proud that Swan is a close family member. And I can’t think of a better example of a good person. ❤︎

Mr. and Mrs. Cat informed us on some of their adventures. Proudly shared stories about their grandchildren and welcomed us to a table of freshly baked cakes. Mrs. Cat was even kind enough to pack two slices of apple cake for me to take home. 😋 And again, I’m reminded how sweet and kind my family is.

These people, MY people, give me the courage to be nice, even when it’s difficult to be nice. We are humble, we are accepting and tolerant. But we also know that we don’t need everyone to like us, because we have each other.