Autobiographies Pretending to be Biographies


Yesterday I clicked on a youtube video and after I watched the video, I went to the about page to find out more about the channel. I was really surprised that the owner of the channel wrote a description in 3rd person. It just seemed really odd and out of place to me.

I know from experience, with publishing, that authors are often required to write their own biographies, written in the 3rd person. I’ve done it several times and it always felt dishonest to me. It felt like I was trying to trick people into believing that I was so important that someone else was writing about me. But that’s a big lie, isn’t it? I wrote the short biography myself. And I think that most people know that I wrote it myself. So why do I need to lie?

I don’t like autobiographies that are pretending to be biographies. Just be honest and write in the 1st person. Autobiographies are, in my opinion, much better. You know yourself better than anyone else, so I’d rather read what YOU write about yourself.

Just my opinion though 🤓