The world is too easily offended


Let’s start with Will Smith. Oh boy! There were children watching their “hero” being less than heroic. And for what? Because he didn’t like what someone else said. Since when are we so soft? Now the children think that it’s Ok to slap someone.

I once heard a girl being offended because someone complimented her. I was among her entourage, so I asked why she was so unnerved by it. She said that a compliment from someone undesirable is no compliment; it’s the opposite. Her answer was really confusing to me, because it didn’t make sense. And it still doesn’t make sense to me.

But I realize that this is how some people feel. If you’re not pretty, young, smart, cool, etc. then they will be offended, even if you worship the ground they walk on. Because they don’t like you and how dare you have the audacity to “like” them. They’re basically offended by your existence.

I think this line of thinking is utter bullshit! But I’ve experienced this very thing. I offended someone just because I was a little bit too appreciative. At first, I couldn’t really figure out why I was being shunned and then it hit me. Heartbroken!

But what can you do? Chris Rock was just telling a joke. And he meant no ill will at all. Yet, he was slapped. I was literally just saying thank you because someone helped me out in a way that one else could. And I was shunned.

People will take offence to any, and everything. I’m done being bothered by it. If you’re offended by my good intentions and my good will, then that’s your problem!