Into the Abyss

I think I’m crazy.
I’m not sure we met.
I certainly don’t know you,
But I do --- sort of.

Are you real? I think you’re
real. But how are you so
magnetic? Your presence
pulls me close. And no matter
how hard I try, I can’t break free.

And I know I’m crazy.
Because I’m trying to break free,
but I don’t want to.

I didn’t see your face.
Just your eyes. Kind of beautiful.
Hypnotic. Comforting one
moment, angry the next.

You want me to look away.

But I don’t. I see you.
You are gentle and kind.
But you’re not allowed to show it.
Instead, you display a blue flame.

I fell.
Somewhere into the abyss
of your eyes. It’s bright
and burning. Smiling and

Now I can see the rest
of your face. And I’m not
sure why, but this makes you

My --- I want to say friend,
but I know we’re not.
I am sorry.
Sorry, with my whole heart.