Knight in White

Cold steel blue eyes,
Above the mask of the knight in white.
Authoritative and powerful. His
Demeanor burning bright.

Bold butterflies,
Around the maiden alone in plight.
Flying attentive and colorful. Her
Armor below his shining light.

Cold steel blue eyes,
His intent she knew not.
Ominous but magnificent,
Emotions became
entangled in a knot.

Bravery captured her heart,
Because choice she had none.
She bid his assistance
And he accepted bar none.

Cold steel blue eyes,
Did not describe his nature.
For hidden underneath, in his
Deep interior, was a warm and
Concerning creature.

He drew his magic sword and touched
The cheek of the damsel.
He stitched her with his hands
Leaving no trace of his scalpel.

She was finally free of years of pain.
And the good knight in white, with
The cold blue eyes, nodded ever so
Gently and she knew he was wise.

Kind sir, may I please know your name?
Thank you so much. Her gratitude was great and
Her heart was full and she wanted him to know
That he made her joyful.

Pulling down his mask she finally saw his face.
Dark and handsome -- but more than that.
He leaned in and whispered his name in her ear.
Again, gratefulness filled her heart -- but a little more than that.

March 28, 2021