Tap On Your Door

I used to think there is no such thing as magic and then I met you.
There’s something about your smile that makes me want to smile.
You’re a stranger, but I want to make love to you in the dark.
I want to stare into your eyes.
I want to touch your joyful heart.

And I wonder what that makes me.
Am I foolish for ignoring all the dangers of wanting to be with a stranger?
That’s not me at all. I’m the analytical one. But you made me fall.
And I’m happily blind to the soul-crushing ache that might be.
Because I know – I know that you are kind.

But only time will tell.
So I’ll be brave and tap on your door and if you don’t answer I’ll tap once more, because the only thing that will cure me of wanting you -- is you.
And it’ll be okay if you don’t want to be lovers
Because being friends at the end of the day, is the perfect way to recover.